Furniture industry standardization work in langfang

Source: the Internet    Release time :2016-08-25

On November 19, the national furniture furniture industry standardization work and national standardization technical committee of the second time the whole committee meeting held in langfang, the meeting by the China furniture association, the national standardization technical committee furniture, langfang, China furniture co., LTD. Meeting for the standardization of our country furniture enterprise awards the units and individuals that have made outstanding contributions, the date of the grant langfang China furniture co., LTD., Shanghai quality supervision and inspection institute of technology and other 15 units for the "national advanced collective" furniture standardization work; The date of the grant Luo Jufen, China furniture Chen Fengyi 20 comrades as "China furniture standardization work of" advanced worker ". The meeting also awarded ISO/TC 136 standardization of the 12th furniture all the contributions and national furniture standardizes the lifetime achievement award.

It is reported, China has released standard 128 furniture (not including 2009 and the abolition in 2013 of the review of seven industry standard), 62 items of national standards, industry standards, 66, 17 items of compulsory standards. These standards to fill the lab furniture, children furniture, bathroom furniture, outdoor leisure furniture, plastic furniture, glass furniture, bamboo rattan furniture furniture such as blank in the field of standardization, to further improve the product quality and safety in the field of furniture. The conference aims to further promote the development of standardization of furniture business, understand furniture furniture industry and more units by content, function and significance of standardization work, to mobilize enterprises and units to actively participate in standardization work of furniture.

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