Guangzhou: annatto furniture prices tumbled more than 10%

Source: the Internet    Release time :2016-08-25

In 2015, annatto furniture manufacturer from closing. In fact, annatto industry over the past year has been messy, ten million yuan red sandalwood fraud, annatto face the strongest in the history of consolidation, annatto furniture price from "diving". Especially the Burma spend pear from the scenery infinite, in just one year, from 30000 yuan/ton fell to 10000 yuan/ton. It is understood that from the current market in guangzhou, annatto furniture prices generally fell more than 10%.

Prices fell several times

Began in June 2014, annatto prices have dropped to a certain extent, but the personage inside course of study thinks, although annatto market has entered the adjustment period, but "in small", "enter 2 back a" trend in the past ten years has been verified. Annatto raw material resource scarcity, market control strictly, and the demand of market of annatto is bigger and bigger, raw material prices, annatto furniture finished product prices also rise upward, plus inflation significantly in recent years, price trend of annatto furniture is necessarily small back up. Now in 2015, "crash" say have begun to appear.

Raw material prices fell by 2 to thirty percent

Raw material market price change directly reflect on raw materials, but furniture is different, the price of furniture is not only affected by changes in prices of raw materials, also is closely related to technology, product positioning, influenced by the macro economic environment. The industry believes that this wave of annatto furniture prices lower, is mainly influenced by the macro economic environment is bad. "Consumers would buy or not to buy up, a look at the price of raw materials fell, are more not to buy", experts said, because raw material prices, consumers worried about flange, so enter a state of wait-and-see, consumption reduction has caused many manufacturers couldn't survive, some at a loss can reduce the price, delivery chain reaction is leading the industry in price. But also has the industry insiders, annatto furniture manufacturers expanded rapidly in recent years, rushed building into the line is not in the minority, once consumption by capital chain rupture, the news of the closing.

Adulteration false market

The most common is when it comes to sales the sham as the genuine, confusing concepts, such as the Burmese spend pear, chrysanthemum pear flower pear pretends to Vietnam, Laos said that these belong to spend pear, just producing area is different; Or will the red wingceltis, green wingceltis, black rosewood does not belong to gb mahogany hardwood alongside the name of the national standard of annatto. For this mess, China annatto "mahogany and rosewood products inspection center" just was unveiled. However, it is understood that domestic annatto industry can provide testing services is not much, just, nanjing forestry university, Chinese academy of agricultural sciences and other scientific research institutions and national furniture and indoor environment quality supervision and inspection center of tree species identification laboratory such inspection agencies, and there is a distance on the market demand.

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