The new direction of the virtual tour: furniture fair

Source: the Internet    Release time :2016-08-25

Green (Glenn) Sheridan is a shopkeeper from north Carolina, he is also a cameraman to get Google certification. He said, virtual tour will become an important concept of the exhibition market, because of its portability bring convenience for people. "Now household enterprises their exhibition hall can be concentrated in a small tablet, sales staff took it can travel to sell."

To cover the entire exhibition hall, green said, only need 4 to 20 panoramic photo shoot, of course, there are a few large exhibition hall more than 200 pictures taken is needed to complete. And according to the layout of each exhibition hall also has a corresponding solution, hall also needs to have a special way.

Carpet company showroom is especially suitable for making virtual showroom, there are two reasons: first, the two-dimensional impressions of carpet and its pattern design is easy to be taken out; Second, the carpet exhibition hall usually do will use a large area of carpet laid, it in the photos will be good. Another carpet exhibition hall often has been considered in the design of its visibility.

Now have green and Surya, Capel, Chandra, carpet and other well-known enterprise cooperation launch virtual showrooms. When filming Capel's exhibition hall, he was shot at six o 'clock in the evening the audience has been carried out after the meeting, and the exhibition within one week after the end of this virtual showroom is ready to launch.

He has repeatedly stressed the importance of household enterprise virtual showrooms: "every time to participate in the exhibition for many retailers will be a big spending," he said, "in addition to this they had to spend at least a week's time, can't work as usual, even if only one or two people go to the exhibition this costs are high. Not only that, but now the exhibition in the exhibition hall is more and more, people is not enough time to finish one by one, so that the virtual exhibition hall is one of the best ways to show retailers."

But with the development of science and technology, the virtual showroom will have more possibilities, for example when browsing click on an item, goods can show the size, color, price, etc.

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