African first into the first of China's three big annatto import area

Source: the Internet    Release time :2016-08-25

According to Chinese mahogany committee released the annatto market situation summary "in the first half of 2014, according to a June this year, Africa region, annatto imports" nanyang "region for the first time become the biggest source of redwood logs. In June, according to data, Laos, myanmar, Vietnam and other countries the annatto timber imports is 777.3 million cubic meters, and countries such as Nigeria, Gambia, benin in Africa annatto timber imports of 799.86 million cubic meters.

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In the past two years, Africa annatto resource imports has been in a growth trend. In addition, the exporter policy changes in the redwood import influence to our country. Influenced by southeast Asian countries restrict log export policy, between April and June, from "nanyang" China annatto 20-30% of the decline in imports. Changes in the international political situation, but also bring uncertainty to annatto international trade, from the point of customs data, may, China's imports from Vietnam redwood fell by 26.57%, from "nanyang" China led the annatto overall imports fell 20.88%. Recently, west of ebola virus incident has caused our country from the countries annatto imports to reduce, but not change China's imports from Africa to increase the overall trend.

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